Meet the team

Leita Robottom

Leita Robottom is an energetic and highly experienced personal trainer who is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. 

In addition to being a leader in the Tasmanian fitness industry, she’s a certified low carb, high protein diet specialist and counsellor through Fitness Australia.

Leita has developed specialised programs that focus on low carbohydrate eating plans, with tailored exercise programs to boost weight loss and create toned bodies. Her personal ethos and professionalism drives her energy, drive and passion for her clients and her business.

When she began Body Wise, she already had an established career and many years experience in the fitness industry. Her realisation that a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to gym-based fitness does not work for everyone—in fact, it works for very few people—led to the creation of her own business and a formula that works.


Personal trainer

Karina is a busy mum of 3 beautiful children. She is one of our Personal Trainers and also teaches Bodywise Combat classes. Karina loves her job and helping people to live a happy healthy lifestyle. 

Lewis Robottom

Personal trainer

Lewis used to be a champion power lifter but is now focusing on triathlons and loves working on his own fitness. He is a motivated and focused team member who will give you a great workout!


Personal trainer

Amanda has been a Personal Trainer for 13 years and she is brilliant at adapting a workout to suit your needs. Amanda also leads our Vipr, Pilates, Rip and Bungee classes on a regular basis.


Personal trainer

Laura is one of our personal trainers and group fitness instructors, with qualifications from the Fitness Institute of Australia and an interest in weight lifting. She has worked in the fitness industry for four years and comes to Body Wise with enthusiasm and experience.


Yoga Instructor




Jenny is our main Bodywise receptionist. She is a busy mum of three wonderful children. 



Maddy works reception on Thursday evenings and her happy, bubbly personality makes her a great addition to the team. She loves painting, workouts and her fur babies.



Amy is our Friday receptionist. She is married with two lovely children and has a puppy called Mia.