Meet the team


Leita RobottomLeita Robottom is an energetic and highly experienced personal trainer who is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. She has been changing the lives of Tasmanians since she started Body Wise Personal Training in 2010.

In addition to being a leader in the Tasmanian fitness industry, she’s a certified low carb, high protein diet specialist and counsellor through Fitness Australia.

What drives Leita

Leita has developed specialised programs that focus on low carbohydrate eating plans, with tailored exercise programs to boost weight loss and create toned bodies. Her personal ethos and professionalism drives her energy, drive and passion for her clients and her business.

When she began Body Wise, she already had an established career and many years experience in the fitness industry. Her realisation that a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to gym-based fitness does not work for everyone—in fact, it works for very few people—led to the creation of her own business and a formula that works.

There’s no secret to the formula – it’s one of sensible diet and specially tailored exercise plans that target a range of levels – and help each client to reach their desired goals. This truly personalised approach reinforces the message that success comes through persistence and a positive attitude and Leita helps clients stay motivated to achieve their goals.


The benefits of working with Leita include increased energy, heightened self-esteem and improvements in general health and wellbeing.

While she motivates, inspires and cares for everyone that she trains, Leita now has a new team of professionals who are bringing the same care factor with them in her newest enterprise – Bodywise Gym at Cambridge Park – opening mid July 2016.

In the new location, Leita and her team place full focus on goals that include weight loss, muscle building, toning and a new approach to maintaining a sustainable healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

The added bonus is you look and feel better!

Training and qualifications

  • Certificates 3 and 4 (Fitness Australia):
  • Personal Training and Gym Instructor
  • Certificate 3 Health Services Assistance
  • Up-to-date First Aid Certificate in resuscitations
  • Certified in low carb-high protein diets (Fitness Australia)
  • Nutrition Counsellor (Fitness Australia)
  • Vibration training (FIA)
  • Resistance training
  • Level 2 Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia
  • Positive practice for the pelvic floor – Course 1 and 2.

Our testimonials and results pages are proof that Leita’s BodyWise programs really do work for real people – just like you.

076 (532x800)ANDREA WADE

Andrea joined Body Wise in 2014 after completing her 8-week Challenge, when she lost 12kg and 73cm. Today she is one of the people you might meet when you kick off your 8-week challenge when your book in for your health screening.

She has been trained to conduct the screenings and has been working from the Cambridge Park Medical Centre, but will now be working from the new gym next door.

Andrea is a busy mum of two young children and understands first hand the challenges of juggling a family and focusing on her own health and fitness. She also knows you can do it, so expect loads of support and encouragement when you see Andrea!



Melanie has been a great addition to the team with her friendly smile and helpful nature. She also conducts Health Screenings and did a fantastic job when she completed her own 8 Week Challenge.

She is a busy mum with two lovely boys and can often be found attending many of our fantastic classes.


Lewis is the newest member of the Body Wise team. He used to be a champion power lifter but is now focusing on triathlons and loves working on his own fitness. He is a motivated and focused team member who will give you a great workout


Mylou is a qualified and experienced yoga teacher, with more than 12 years in the health and fitness industry. She has been involved in corporate health and wellbeing , group exercise and group training sessions.

Mylou is a certified Level 1 Yoga instructor through Byron Bay Yoga in NSW. She primarily teaches Purna Yoga, with flow fusion.  Purna yoga is defined as integrated or complete, which incorporates not just physical postures, but philosophy, pranayama breath control and meditation.

Yoga requires both physical and mental concentration, which  brings calmness and clarity to the mind, both on and off the mat.


Laura is one of our personal trainers and group fitness instructors, with qualifications from the Fitness Institute of Australia and an interest in weight lifting. She has worked in the fitness industry for four years and comes to Body Wise with enthusiasm and experience.

Laura supports and encourages her clients to achieve their goals through promoting healthy diet and getting regular exercise, whether at the gym or at home. Laura knows we are what we eat, so she encourages healthy lifestyle, especially for clients who are wishing to lose weight as well as gain fitness.

In keeping with the Body Wise ethos, Laura takes an individual approach to personal training and gets to know her clients so she can understand what style of training works best for them. When it comes to Zumba, she likes to have fun and for her clients to enjoy their sessions. She doesn’t believe in pushing people to do what she can’t do herself, so in essence, her approach is honest and personal.


Karina is our newest staff member and found a love for fitness doing her 8 Week Challenge! She did an amazing job and decided to start her journey to become a PT. We are delighted to have her on the team so come in and a book one of her classes.