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Your start date

There are no set start dates, you start your journey when you sign up, no need to wait!

Your goals

Wether you are getting fit for summer, losing baby weight or simply want to be happier and healthier, we will help you get there!

Your schedule

Fit in training around your schedule. We have classes and Personal Training times to suit even the busiest of clients!

Our 8 week challenge is for everyone!


Our signature program, the Body Wise 8 Week Challenge continues to be a phenomenal success.

It’s a highly tailored program that helps you achieve the goal of losing at least eight kilograms in eight weeks. We not only track your weight loss in kilograms, but also in how many centimetres you lose over your whole body.



What does it include?


Tailored exercise and personal training programs


Our results-oriented meal plans help you to get through the eight weeks by getting you eating the right foods from day one.


Daily motivation to keep you going and each week your progress will be recorded and the program will be adjusted as required.

The team at Body Wise have allowed me to achieve my weight loss goals and so much more! With my wedding coming up I wanted to feel amazing in my skin and I can finally say I do! The thought of going to the gym was once a chore for me, but now it is something I look forward to! If you want to lose a few kilos and also have fun doing it, I’d definitely recommend Body Wise.


8 week challenge

It took me over a year to make the phone call to  Body Wise. I had been following the Facebook page and thinking that I would like to do an 8 week challenge one day. It was never the right time to call.  I was concerned about my vertigo, could I even do it?  What would I do with my child while I was exercising?  One day I finally found the courage to call, and that was 8 weeks ago. Outsourcing my fitness to Leita at Body Wise is the best decision I have made in a very long time. I am no longer weak and tired, I am strong, energised and excited about losing more weight and becoming even stronger in my 8 Weeks Later program. My child hangs out in the kids room and has even started boxing classes at Body Wise. I have leaned that the only barriers to my fitness goals are the ones I created in my mind. Just start, because If I can do this, anyone can!


8 Week challenge

How it works

We begin with a health screening to make sure any existing or underlying problems are identified.  Your weight and measurements are recorded, your general fitness is assessed and a personalised program is developed aimed at helping you reach your goals.

You will commit to working out with one of our amazing personal trainers twice a week and to doing some extra exercises at home just to keep the momentum going.